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Friends, Qomics already has its first ad on the site Impulso HQ, unfortunately there is no translation, but I'm very happy!


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Logo Mandacaru

Hello friends of the group, my name is Rafael Dantas,'m an illustrator from Brazil, and I come to invite them to accompany the projects we are developing for digital comics available in 4 languages ​​including English, from January 2014.
I invite everyone to follow the Qomics, a website made ​​by comic book lovers ninth art, in January the site will be in the air.
It will be a pleasure to receive comments and suggestions.


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Mandacaru Vermelho (Mandacaru Blood)

Follow the saga of Anthony, a lieutenant of the Brazilian Army seeking revenge against a farmer who decimated his family!


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Hello friends, know the Qomics, a publisher online, which will be available from several Brazilian authors comic quality in 4 languages​​, follow the news on the fanpage and wait many wonderful comic comes around!


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RED, fantastic character of Nick, Pumpmonger!

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